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Vacation Homes

Ordered Space. Happy Place.

Northern Michigan is incredibly beautiful and offers the opportunity for a myriad of outdoor activities, from boating and swimming to hiking and skiing and everything in-between.  That's why you have your vacation home here!  So, get out there, enjoy and let Call To Order take care of your home.



Call To Order can open your place for the season by turning on the hot water and air conditioning, doing some light dusting, opening the windows and plugging in your appliances, among other things.

Image by Ello

Stock Up

Let Call To Order stock your kitchen so you can get a head start on the season or even just the weekend.  We can do your shopping and put it all away.

Image by Ello

Light Meal Prep

If you have meals you love, but they take a while to put together, let us wash and chop for you.  We can have the ingredients ready so you can make your favorites in a flash.

Home Organizing

It's easy to let things get a little out of order in a vacation home.  After all, you're there to enjoy, not

tidy up.  Call To Order can get your place ready for the season AND create systems and spaces that work for you, making your place look good and your things easy to find.

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