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Image by Brett Jordan. Scrable tiles spelling order. and. chaos

Let's Meet

A Michigan native, I am the youngest of eight children. My mother was organized (she had to be) and she passed that trait on to me. After graduating from Michigan State University, I worked as an advertising account executive, honing my time management skills. Then I became a full time mom to four kids, furthering my need for organization and my creativity in generating it! 


Organized can mean many different things—from Pinterest perfect to organized chaos.  To me, it means a functioning space that works for a particular individual or family.  It doesn't have to be pretty, but it certainly can be if that's what you want. What it doesn't mean is doing extra work—an organized space should always be easier to use.


I began Call To Order in 2007 and have enjoyed working with families and individuals to create organized spaces and happy places.

In addition to organizing spaces, I have extensive experience assisting people with ADHD in becoming more organized.  Several of my family members have it, so  I understand the struggles of those with ADHD and am able to work with them to balance their capabilities with their need to stay organized and have structure.  

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