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Home Organizing

Ordered Space. Happy Place.

White and Yellow Living Room

The Comfort of Home

The most important place in your life is your home. That’s why home organization is so important —not just for looks, but for peace of mind.  Closets that are too stuffed to close, overflowing drawers, and kitchen counters crowded with junk are not only annoying but can cause a great deal of stress as well. Call To Order will create organized spaces and systems for you that fit the way you live. 

You may realize that you have clutter, but still struggle to figure out how to contain it all.  You may even have an abundance of cute storage containers, but you’re still not organized.  It can be frustrating.  Let Call to Order help you create solutions designed specifically for you and your home.


The kitchen is the heart of a home, it's where family gathers and where much of the action happens.  An organized kitchen creates an inviting space and allows for easy meal prep and quicker clean-up, not to mention less food waste.

A kitchen organization plan can include solutions for everything from measuring spoons to large stockpots to the overall work flow.  At Call To Order, we can organize your cupboards and pantry, help you decide what you don't need anymore, create more functionality and develop a  cammand center for mail, bills and calendars.

White Kitchen Cabinets
Well Organized Closet


Closets tend to be misused as a place where we "put things away" by just shoving items in so they won't be seen.

Closets are meant for storing things, whether it be coats and boots, dresses and shirts or toys and games. Call To Order can help you make your closets tidy and functional, so things are put away yet easily retrieved.  

An organized closet not only looks good, but 

will save you time searching for items and even prevent you from spending money on things you already have but can't find.

Bathrooms, Basements and More

Call To Order can help get any area of your home looking and working better. We will assist with weeding out unneeded items, maximizing use of space, suggesting efficient storage containers and organizing systems that work for you.

Bright Bathroom
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